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Marcus Brown, Dean of Enrollment Services at Richmond Community College discusses how Parchment became the full service option for his school, benefiting both staff and students.

Why Electronic Transcripts?

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  • Save time and effort by automating manual processes
  • Provide an excellent experience for your students and parents
  • Manage your student information with speed, accuracy, and security

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Send Services


  • Speed it up! Fully automate the manual process of locating, printing, and mailing transcripts
  • Stop getting frantic phone calls: Allow students and parents the ability to request and track admissions documents all the way until they are received and opened at the other end
  • Look smart: Produce reports and analytics to learn more about your students and the work you do
  • Make some money! (unless you don’t want to): A variety of surcharge options allow you to fit the financial needs of your school
  • Save some money! (We know you want to): The costs of printing, postage and man hours might be more than you think. Check the NCES calculator to see how much you could be saving by switching to eTranscripts.

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Receive Services


  • Easy Online Access: Download transcripts and other admissions document via the Docufide web interface.
  • Reporting: Gain insight into transactional information such as number of transcripts received over selected time periods.
  • Automated Workflows: Receive Index file(s) with prepared transcripts and admissions documents for automated data import into your SIS or enterprise content management system.
  • Manage Transcript Requests: Automate transcript collection and get applicant permission to request on their behalf.
  • Multiple Data Formats: Take advantage of flexibility in receiving transcripts as PDF, TIF, or data (PESC XML or SPEEDE EDI).
  • Auto Delivery (SFTP/Web Services): Auto-receive transcripts to an FTP location in place of manual downloading.
  • eCommerce: Opt to cover transcript transaction fees according to your institution’s payment policies.
  • Role-based Security: Control access by defining appropriate security levels by user groups.
  • Email Notifications: Inform system users when documents are available for download.
  • Credentials Verification: Trust that all institutions registered on the Docufide network are proven senders of official education records.