Parchment Receive

Manage Incoming Transcripts With Utmost Efficiency

Drawing upon the largest eTranscript exchange community, Parchment Receive is a web-based solution for you to request, receive, and analyze electronic transcripts. As a member of Parchment Receive let us know your preferred format to receive transcripts and that’s how you’ll get them. Dramatically improve your processing time and consequently provide the best service for your students. No more opening envelopes and keying in data. Parchment Receive makes receiving transcripts easy as can be.


Automatically Collect Everything

Seamlessly gather admissions documents from key senders such as Naviance, SPEEDE, and the Parchment Send network into a single location: Parchment Receive’s Unified Inbox. With everything in one place it’s easy to streamline your processing workflow!


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Touch Free Automation

Use the advanced automation features to collect documents from networks, such as SPEEDE, sort the documents based on custom filters, and automatically route to unlimited SFTP destinations within your organization. It’s never been easier to go completely touch free!


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Integrate Your eApp with Transcript Direct

Allow students to request transcripts seamlessly as part of the application process. One click gets the transcript request on it’s way, with complete tracking and status available for students and administrators. Stop wondering if transcripts have been requested!


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Request on Behalf of Students

Whether it’s a single student’s walk-up request, or a batch request for hundreds of students, Parchment Receive lets you request (and even pay for) transcripts on behalf of a student.


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Support Changing eTranscript Requirements

The face of education credentials is changing. As new regulations and standards for SPEEDE, eTranscript exchanges, transfer, and reverse transfer arrive, Parchment Receive brings it’s community of practice and technical expertise to offer best practices, information, and technical support to keep you up to date.


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Analyze and Recruit

Detailed peer and feeder school analysis will help you spend your recruiting budget with laser-like precision. Track applicants through the admissions process and receive leads of students who exactly meet your key profiles.


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How Premium Best Fits You

Not every problem requires the same solution. Learn more about how institutions use Premium Parchment Receive to achieve the goals unique to them.
Institution Match Up


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Comparison: Premium Features

Parchment Receive is the best product for receiving admissions documents, but if you are receiving a lot of documents or want the documents as data, then Premium Parchment Receive is the right tool for you. Learn more about all of the features Premium provides in this comparison.



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Receive Features

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eApp Integration

Integrate the transcript request directly into your eApplication process. Put a request button in your Application, and students can request transcripts immediately.

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Unified Receiving Inbox

Stop retrieving transcripts from multiple locations. Now you can collect SPEEDE, eTranscript CA, and Parchment Send transcripts into a single location.

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Receive in Preferred Format

Get transcripts in the format you prefer (XML or EDI data, PDF or TIFF image, or paper) regardless of how the sender chooses to send it.

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Auto Filtering & Filing

Route incoming transcripts automatically within your organization.

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Enrollment Analytics

Gain insight into the types of students applying and being accepted to your peer institutions, your overlap, and where they are coming from.

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Bulk Request Processing

Place requests for bulk transcripts from multiple institutions. Upload a single roster to request transcripts for multiple students from their schools. Great for facilitating transfers!

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Largest Exchange Community

More than 1800 colleges and universities use Parchment Receive to securely capture transcript data from hundreds of thousands of students.

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Automated Workflows

Make receiving transcripts touch-free by automating with your SIS or Imaging System.

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Receive All Official Documents

Receive supporting admissions documents along with eTranscripts.