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Create the eTranscript Solution that Works for You

Our customer’s needs are as unique as the students you serve. A robust collection of features and services are available for you to mix and match to fit your situation exactly. Customize or automate as much as you desire. Your service and processing goals are our goals, and the features are designed to make eTranscripts the easiest part of your day.

Send Features

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Secure Outsourced Solution

Parchment offers flexible options for securely outsourcing your eTranscript operations. Maintain your brand and your peace of mind with the set of services that fit you best.

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Largest Exchange Community

Parchment’s exchange community connects high schools, community colleges, four year public & private universities, trade schools, and employers. This makes it the largest community of practice using Parchment as a trusted intermediary.

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Institutionally Branded

Customize your student ordering portal to match your institutional brand, images, and messaging. Parchment is doing the heavy lifting, but students will feel like they’re on your site.

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Supports Transcript Data Standards

Send eTranscritps to be delivered in industry standard data formats: SPEEDE EDI or PESC XML.

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Any Destination Worldwide

Send transcripts electronically, or as paper, to any destination in the world, any time.

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Touch-Free Automation

Automate transcript requests with your SIS so students get the superior experience they expect, even when you are not there.

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End to End Tracking

Never wonder where the transcript is again. Full online tracking shows students, parents, and administrators the status at every step of the way.

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Print & Mail

Let someone else deal with the hassle of printing and mailing your paper transcripts. Parchment likes that kind of thing.

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Support All Official Documents

Need to send enrollment verifications, diplomas, or apostilles? Send any official document with Parchment Send.

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Certified PDF

Patented technology ensures that the PDF you send is the PDF that is delivered. Blue Ribbon certification ensures there was no tampering.

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Document Rights Management

Control the display, print, and forwarding permissions for each document you send.

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Branded Printed Transcripts

Parchment will print and mail transcripts on your transcript paper. Your brand, your signatures & watermarks. Not your problem.

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Reporting & Analytics

Tracking and reporting on the number and destinations of your requests provide valuable insight for you and your colleagues. Understand where your students are coming from, and going to, and how this compares to your institution’s peers.

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eCommerce Options

If you want to charge for eTranscripts, the eCommerce settings provide flexibility to various price points for students or alumni, making everyone happy.

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Integrates with Single-Sign-On

The online ordering portal can be integrated into your institution’s single sign-on service to ease login and pre-populate student information.