80% Less processing time at NCAA

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Parchment Receive streamlines transcript request and release processes with outstanding features and capabilities. Integrate the transcript request process into your application workflow. Learn more based on which kind of professional organization you are.


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24 With Parchment Receive, the NCAA reduced processing times from 7 days to 24 hours

Why join and start Sending?

  • Online Transcript Request for Applicants
  • Transcript Tracking for applicants and staff
  • Automated Delivery
  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Largest Exchange Community
  • Absorb the transcript cost for applicant

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Why join and start Receiving?

  • Unified Receiving Inbox
  • Receive in Preferred Format
  • Auto-Filtering & Filing
  • Administrative Transcript Request
  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Save Processing Time
  • Reduce Customer Service Inquiries
  • Receive from any Institution Worldwide

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