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A message from Sherman College of Chiropractic / Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic:
Sherman College of Chiropractic is excited to partner with Parchment Exchange to offer students and alumni a secure, electronic way to request and send transcripts.

Sherman College is custodian of transcripts for Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic, and alumni of PCC are also able to request and send transcripts in the same manner.

Please remember that any financial obligations or administrative holds with Sherman College of Chiropractic must be resolved with the appropriate campus office before release of the transcript.

You can track a request in real time by signing into your account and viewing the status of your transcript request.

**If you encounter any difficulty with your transcript request, YOU MUST contact Parchment Support using the "Support" link from your Parchment Exchange account or visit support.parchment.com.** Calls to the college will be re-directed to Parchment Support.

NOTE: If your transcript will be sent out of the country and an apostille seal is required, please contact the Registrar's Office.
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