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A message from Wesleyan College:
The Registrar's Office at Wesleyan College is proud to partner with Parchment Exchange in order to provide you with a secure, electronic way to request and send transcripts!

Requests for transcripts will be checked and approved for release within 5 working days by the Registrarâ™s Office. During peak periods of activity in the Registrarâ™s Office such as the opening and closing of semesters, registration, and graduation, the processing time for release of transcripts may extend slightly beyond five working days.

Wesleyan reserves the right to withhold the transcript of any student who is past due or delinquent on her loan obligation(s) to the College, is delinquent or has defaulted on federal student loans, owes the College money from current or previous enrollment, has failed to submit official transcripts from previous high schools or college attendance, has failed to return College property, has failed to secure proper immunizations as required by the Health Services of the College, or has failed to fulfill any other obligation to the College.

A full statement of Wesleyanâ™s policy concerning the privacy rights of students is printed annually in The Student Handbook.
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