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Normally, maximum 5-7 day turnaround.

The quickest, fastest way to get an official transcript delivered to the receiver is to complete the ONLINE REQUEST for

an e-transcript ( receiver’s e-address required) Complete, official transcripts (when all grades have been recvd) are often

sent out and delivered to an e-address within a day or two!  Of course, the Parchment transcripts can also be mailed. 

Transcript Request

* Online Transcript Ordering thru Parchment - for ALL TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS (eff 2/4/19)

If this is your first time using the online order system, please click Create Account and enter the required information. 

Once your Parchment account is created you will be able to request transcripts online and track the status of your orders.  

Need HELP? Please contact PARCHMENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT at 844.823.8465.


***NEW: PLEASE ENTER YOUR YEARS/DATES ATTENDED, EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO ESTIMATE***                .            Average processing time is currently 2-5 business days, but please allow 1-2 weeks during peak periods

e-Transcripts = $10.00 each No refunds given for expired PDF transcripts that were not downloaded within 30 days.

                           Mailed paper Transcripts = $12.00 each

Transcripts will not be issued for persons whose financial obligations have not been satisfied, nor released to/for anyone except the student, unless officially requested in writing by the student. 

PROBLEMS WITH PARCHMENT? please contact Parchment Support, 844.823.8465


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