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If you attended any of our Fusion Academy campuses across the country, you’ve come to the right place! If you are new to Parchment, make sure you’ve selected “New Learner Account” above. Then fill out the information below to create your account and order your transcript. A few quick tips: --We do not give registration codes, but don’t worry! You can still create your account. --The Last Year Attended field should be the year you will graduate from high school. --All requests are reviewed by the Fusion Home Base in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We generally process requests within 48 hours, but if there is an issue with your transcript, we will place your request on hold with an explanation. Then we will work with your campus to address the issue and process the request as soon as it is resolved. --A copy of the transcript will be housed in your Parchment account, however, it does not automatically update as new classes are completed. To view an updated transcript, click on the unofficial transcript and select “Update.” This will send us a request to fulfill within 48 hours. --If you are a parent or legal guardian, please check the box that indicates this. It will then ask you for some additional information about your student. Please contact the Registrar department if you have any questions about requesting your transcript or setting up this account. You can reach us at 616.301.1221 ext 6 or

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